Our Health Mission

Our mission is to alleviate the suffering caused by depression and other select psychiatric conditions utilizing the evidence-based treatment of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Experience and Professionalism

The providers of Pinnacle Interventional Psychiatry bring not only years of experience treating some of the most complex psychiatric conditions, but also, years of service to their communities. They believe that the community functions best when everyone is healthy. They know the effects of depression extend to family, to friends, and to the community at large, and they are committed to alleviating this by providing the best care they are able.

Treating Those in Need

Dr. Butler and Dr. Wongngamnit started their careers in the public sector as they believe in service to others. While treating those in greatest need, they discovered how under-utilized some treatments, such as TMS, are. So, they are leading the effort to bring this effective treatment to as many in need as is possible.